Full name: Ricardo Adducci Recofsky

Birthdate: 07 de Diciembre de 1987 

Origin: Azul, Buenos Aires, Argentina

In Southern Force: Desde 2016 (*)

Favorite music Groups: Stratovarius, Helloween, Dragonland, Queen, etc.

Favorite movies: “Terminator II”

Favorite book: Ninguno

Best concert I went: Stratovarius con Helloween en 2011, BA - Argentina.

Set-Up : - Guitarras Eléctricas: Ibanez SS140 Stratocaster 1997, Ibanez Premium 950QHMZ, Ibanez Prestige 3550 GAlaxy Black. - Guitarras Acusticas : Epiphone pr5-e, Criolla Lutier gregorio R. Paz - Cabezal Laney IronHeart 120 - Caja 4x12 de fabricación propia con parlantes eminence red coat - Pedales : Ibanez ts9dx, boss sd1, exh Big Muff ruso, Hum Debugger, Metal Muff, Marshall JH1 - Controladora : G-Lab GSC-2 - Racks: Rocktron Intellifex, Rocktron Replifex

(*) : After ten several years trying to form a band, Ricardo Recofsky created Southern Force in late 2016. The band is currently working on their first album “Since The Beginning Of Time”, which will be released in mid 2020. Current Members: Ricardo Recofsky, Raúl Sciarrillo, Juan Diego Chinizon, Franco Donatti and Juan Sanchez.