SouthernForce is an Argentine Power Metal band product of the vision and patience of its guitarist and founder Ricardo Recofsky in 2008. On an afternoon in the middle of that year he listened to a Stratovarius song called Twilight Symphony and that was the spark that started it all. It was from the end of that year, and during the next eight years, where he diligently began the search of musicians in Tandil (a city of the interior of Buenos Aires Province where Ricardo used to live) and surrounding cities. However, in spite of his tireless search he could only form the band twice and both times things didn’t go well. Frustration did its thing and he gave to the project for some time. In November 2016, he moved to the center of Buenos Aires and again began the search for musicians in this city. In mid-December of this same year, he found the drummer Raúl Sciarrillo and keyboard player German Ezquerda. Months later bass player Juan Diego Chinizón joined the band. After some rehearsals keyboard player Germán Ezquerda decides to leave the band to continue with a personal project, and in his place keyboard player Franco Donatti enters the group consolidating the instrumental side of it But problems didn’t disappear after all this, there was something missing: a singer.

After almost two years of dynamic searching and trying different vocalists, current singer Juan Sánchez finally appears consolidating the band in the middle of 2019. In March 2020 they released their first EP called "What Have We Done" and in August of the same year their debut album "Since The Beginning Of Time" which consists of 12 songs. All the music and audiovisual production as well of the managing of the band is independent and the product of the work and effort of all its members.

Juan Sanchez


Franco Donatti